Welcome to Vigridr!

Vigridr is a card game that simulates the final battle between the gods and jotuns upon the legendary field called Vigridr. It is a card game for 1-8 players where players take on the role of a god or jotun, leading their armies into the final battle of Ragnarok! Single player mode is against a deck driven by an AI, and the AI decks may also be included in multiplayer games.

The cards are hexagonal in shape, and the rotation of the card matters, since each card can have up to 6 states. Positioning of the cards also matters, as cards are placed in a honeycomb pattern on a playmat per player.

Development began in 2014, and the game has matured and the gameplay has been refined over many years of design and test-play. Keep up to date as to when you will be able to order your pre-Kickstarter prototype decks!